Remake Design Network held this event at the Malthouse Design Centre to help promote the use of recycled materials and sustainable design.  Eight Dublin based design studios were set a challenge to create a coffee table based on re-using an oil barrel lid – kindly supplied by Shabra recycling.  locker13 collaborated with friend and designer Dora Manzini and produced a coffee table incorporating re-used aluminium pieces, a single A1 sheet of 1mm polypropylene and some leather off-cuts from a local shoemaker!  The result is a very light but very sturdy coffee table made almost entirely out of discarded materials (all except the sheet of polypropylene).

Dermot McNally, who takes a keen interest in up and coming trends in Irish furniture design, kindly came down from Monaghan to give a talk at the event.  The tables then remained on exhibition for a week at the Malthouse Design Centre.