For Design Week 2011 the designers at the Malthouse conceived “Shine”, an extensive exhibition of some of the best works of both established and up and coming Irish Designers.

The scene was set by converting the entire Matlhouse building into an exhibition space and by turning the courtyard into an outdoor venue for live music (in the back of a truck), general lounging around on hay bales and drinking cocktails (lovingly prepared by the Malthouse crew).

The event drew a huge crowd, probably the largest crowd seen over Design Week, and it confirmed the Malthouse Design Centre’s place as an integral part of the Irish Design scene today.

Exhibitors were:

locker13  /  Duff-Tisdall  /  Jenny Walsh Design  /  Seek Design  /  Jennifer Slattery Textiles  /  Sticks Fine Furnitures  /  Kathryn Payne  /  Karl Sweeney  /  Freddy Gest  /  Dunleavy Bespoke  /  Patricia Murphy  /  Shane Tubrid  /  Ceadogán Rugs  /  George Mahon Design  /  Klickity  /  James Carroll  /  Shane Holland Design  /  Sasha Sykes  /  Ben Gabriel  /  Fergal Costello  /  Klimmek & Henderson  /  Hugo Thompson  /  Garvan De Bruir  /  Wedge  /  Horizon Furniture  /  Anthony Cleary