We create commissioned pieces as well as producing small batches of selected designs.

Finished pieces are made in a variety of ways: from pieces made entirely in our workshop, to designs where one or more pieces are sub-contracted to experts, to pieces which are designed and prototyped in-house, but then manufactured externally.

We choose to source materials and makers locally, which to many may seem like madness when globalization is the way of our times.  For us, the relationships we have with suppliers and makers are vital, and interacting face to face is part of the joy – and essential to the quality – of our work.

Please see the Design section for samples of our work.  All pieces with prices are for sale directly from the showroom at the Malthouse Design Centre, as well as from selected retailers.  If you would like to purchase one of our products, or would like to discuss a commission or any other project, please contact us by using the enquiry form on the Contacts page, or by any other means.