Locker 13 is the collaboration of designers Karl Medcalf and Shane Wilson.  Close friends from childhood, we both graduated with degrees in Industrial Design from the National College of Art and Design in 1999, and ten years later, the time was finally right to launch Locker 13.

We have a shared passion for original design and the innovative use of materials.  The design process involves a lot of experimentation with materials and processes, with as little influence as possible from what might be going on around us in the furniture and product design world but with many and varied influences from elsewhere.  Our goal is simple: to design original, unique and beautiful furniture.

The Locker 13 studio and workshop is based in Dublin, in The Malthouse Design Centre on the North Circular Road, which has grown to become one of the largest and most important design institutions in the country.  Along with the many other talented designers in Ireland we hope to contribute to an awareness and appreciation of Irish Design.

We believe there is a place, somewhere between high end furniture and the expansive furniture ‘supermarkets’, for clever, desirable and affordable furniture.  Here is where we hope to make our mark.  And if we’re wrong?  Well, we’re going to do it anyway.