Product Description:

The Sadhbh table is a beautifully proportioned side-table with a twist, the “forest” of hand-cut and finished yellow bamboo which acts as the perfect foil for the clean, smooth lines of the steel structure.  Hoarding newspapers and favourite magazines has never looked this good!.  The compact size of the table means it will fit neatly at the end of a sofa or work well as a bedside table.


Powder coated mild steel, yellow bamboo.


White, Yellow, Grey, Green. (Matt finish)


Height: 450mm      Width: 325mm      Depth: 315mm


€225 – LIMITED STOCK LEFT, MADE TO ORDER (4-8 weeks depending on schedule)

The Idea

We wanted to create an ultra-simple side-table and set about making a series of cardboard models for a compact and functional piece.  These initial sketch models developed to the point where we pared down to just a simple “C” form element.  We then wanted to fully utilise the volume of space between the  top and bottom surfaces as a storage area and having considered a number of materials we settled on using bamboo to form a natural “thicket” into which books, magazines and newspapers could be placed.  The natural warmth and unique profile of each length of bamboo acts as a counterbalance to the more formally uncomprimising lines of the steel element.  A large circular aperture was placed in the vertical surface of the steel to help “lighten” the overall appearance of the table and to also act as a handle for carrying.

The Process

Each Sadhbh table starts out life as a single flat 3mm mild steel part, which is laser-cut, bent and powder coated locally.  To this steel element is introduced a “set” of yellow bamboo canes, also sourced from local suppliers.  Each bamboo length is washed, sealed and cut to length in our workshop.  Each Sadhbh steel has 16 holes laser cut into the base, 2 each of 8 slightly different diameters ranging from 10-16mm – which allows us to match different lengths of bamboo with different cross sections to the closest “match” of a hole.  This variance allows us to efficiently use the majority of any given bamboo cane while the subtle variation in the thickness of bamboo also adds a more natural feel.  This series of photographs shows the main processes involved in taking the basic steel element and with the addition of 16 lovingly selected lengths of Bamboo, creating the Sadhbh Side Table.