A gallery selection of our earlier works including: the first incarnation of the Comfort Lamp; The “Big Al” Coffee Table; “Des” Chair; “High Tower” Stackable shelving unit; “Wattle” Room divider; “Soft Borne” Chaise Longue.


In 2009 we did something a little bit different.  We packed the components to construct a chaise longue into two old suitcases and headed off to the Salone di Mobile (Furniture Fair) in Milan.  This meant taking 8 heavy, solid ash sections, dozens of soft toys, laser cut steel brackets and lots of other things.  After some heavy questioning in Dublin Airport and some heavy overweight baggage fees from an Aer Lingus lady with a zero tolerance attitude, we were off.  We had one day in Milan to put the thing together, including a lot of sewing, so it was no mean feat.  Plus there had been no time for a dry run so we didn’t really know if it would work.  Thankfully it did, just.