The Product:

The Deirdre sideboard and matching shelving unit was commissioned for a private residence in Dublin.  We undertook an initial survey of the space into which the piece was to fit.  We then began to develop a series of concepts to offer the client choice.  The asymmetrical space led us to propose what became known as the “Deirdre” Side Board in honour of our client.

The brief entailed the design and production of a highly functional storage unit for the family toy collection which made maximum use of the space available without compromising in the style department.  The unit was also to hold a large television and peripherals, with discreet cable management.  Three “modules” in solid-slipped cherry with solid black walnut details are staggered and then enveloped by a solid-slipped walnut “sleeve”.  The apertures at the top of the three doors act both as windows to view the electronic peripherals but also as handles to open the doors and access the storage space in each module.  Cables remain tidy and invisible in a built in channel behind the peripheral devices.  We’re happy to say the client was thrilled with the final piece.