The Product:

COMFORT VASE – A quirky ceramic vase which uses the same iconic “Comfort” fabric softener bottle as a mould.

This vase is both elegant and informal, and has gained cult status as a Locker13 must have!  Well maybe not quite, but it will brighten up a dreary corner of your life – with or without some fresh flowers – and it’s an inexpensive way to start your Locker13 collection!

COMFORT CARAFE – The newest sibling in our Comfort Range, the Comfort carafe is a beautiful addition to the table and when it’s not in use as a carafe there’s no reason why you couldn’t put those flowers in it.


Glazed slip-cast ceramic


Currently available in the following colours:

White, Black, Leaf Green, Dusty Pink, Burgundy, Cornflower Blue, Sunflower Yellow.


Height: 265mm      Width: 200mm      Depth: 80mm



The Idea:

Looking at a fresh batch of Comfort Lamp bases it occured to us that without the shade it is still a lovely object.  So a new mould was begun to create the Comfort Vase!  Then soon after, as we were busy emptying water out of our Comfort vases at the end of an Exhibition, it struck us we had in our hands an object which was already very comfortable to pick up and empty, all it was missing was a spout.  We immediately set about creating the Comfort Carafe by re-modelling the top of the bottle to create a functional spout and hence added another member to the Comfort family.