The Product:

This lamp consists of a handmade ceramic base, a custom designed laser-cut cruciform shade holder and a handmade shade created from fusing thousands of plastic beads together.  The familiar “Comfort” fabric softener bottle was used as a mould.  An interesting shadow is created thanks to the thousands of tiny apertures in each shade.


Slip-cast & glazed ceramic, bright steel and plastic beads.


Lamp-base: Black, White, Grey-blue, Grey-green.

Lamp-shades: Various mixes and solid colours available.


Height: 430mm      Width: 200mm      Depth: 200mm



The Idea:

The original idea for this lamp came about in Mid-2009 as we were preparing for our first exhibition in Ireland.  We presented a very special one-off  “Comfort Lamp” at the event “Public Furnication & Shots fired in the City” which brought together six furniture designers and six photographers for the duration of Design Week 2009 in La Catedral Studios.  The original inspiration for the Comfort lamp-shade came from the plastic bead and pegboard game where the completed design is fused together with an iron.  The Comfort bottle was chosen as a mould from which to cast the lamp base as it was just “right” in terms of size and proportion and had a lovely ergonomic handle.

The Process:

The Comfort Lamp is the culmination of myriad processes, the apparatus and equipment involved in its production have also been specifically designed by us to create a truly unique piece of lighting.  The base is a glazed slip-cast ceramic which begins life as a liquid, poured and rotated in a mould until it dries and solidifies.  It is then glazed and fired.

For each shade, approximately 8,000 polymer beads are laid onto a custom built tray and heated for a short period until the beads “slump” and fuse together.  Once cooled, the beads have amalgamated beautifully to form a strong and flexible panel with one textured glossy surface and one smooth satin surface.  A seam is then added to the panel to create a cylinder.  The shade then needs to undergo further annealing in order to form the truest cylinder possible.  A laser-cut cruciform part is added in bright steel which acts as the connecting structure between the shade and the lamp fitting.  This part is specifically designed to avoid casting shadows on the inside of the shade.  Finally, the ceramic base is wired up,”weighted” and given a felt base.

Click here to view a short video segment from the RTÉ programme “Capital D “.